For medical practitioners

The Medicine Box, its authors, contributors and administrator completely absolve themselves of any potential liability or misadventure that may result from this website.

The articles on this website may contain advice that ranges anywhere from best practice to utter nonsense. If you choose to use any of the tips on this site, your clinical decision making is your own and the buck stops with you. We take no responsibility of any adverse outcome that might occur.

If you think that any information on this website is incorrect, then please either post a comment in the relevant article or contact the administrator. Remember, there are differing points of view in medicine and medical knowledge moves fast. It wasn’t so long ago that the suggestion that peptic ulcer disease was caused by a bacterium was ridiculed, we used HRT to prevent cardiovascular disease in women and that beta blockers were “obviously” contraindicated in heart failure.

For the general public

Don’t use this website for first aid and if you do so, you are entirely on your own. If you have a problem that you think you should see your doctor about, then, you should go see your doctor.

If your doctor does things differently or doesn’t agree with tips on this website, this may be due to:

  1. You have a misunderstanding of your illness;
  2. there are differing opinions and/or view on management of your illness;
  3. your doctor simply knows better.

Please don’t use this website as any sort of authority!

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