Sunday 8 October, 2006

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” published

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This book, “The Creation of The Medicine Box” is a comprehensive documentation of the design, goals, development and construction of this website. It contains a review and analysis of the state of the project after six months from its launch in April 2006.

This report was in addition written and designed as a guidebook to the development of online medical education resources.

“The Medicine Box” represents a significant body of work. We hope that you find both this book and the website worthwhile.

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” has been published as a hard cover publication through It can be purchased here for $US 17.95.

It can also be downloaded as a PDF ebook [4.2 MB].

Friday 21 July, 2006

Will soon be back in action…

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I have just returned from an overseas trip to China and Hong Kong and will be moving to Gilgandra in the next 2 days. I have responded to a comment or two since my return.

Expect a few new articles in the coming week!

“The Medicine Box” has done pretty well in the past two months averaging over 2000 hits per month! Thanks to everyone for their interest and support.

Best regards,
Michael Tam

Tuesday 4 July, 2006

Moving to Gilgandra

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I am posted to the town of Gilgandra in rural NSW for the next six months for my Advanced General Practice term. As such, I am taking a short break from The Medicine Box for the next 3 weeks.

New articles will appear once internet access in the registrar house in Gilgandra has been set up.

In the interim, please enjoy the articles already posted on “The Medicine Box”. Please post comments in the individual articles or in the feedback page.

Best regards,
Michael Tam

Thursday 22 June, 2006


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Do you have any suggestions, criticisms or general thoughts about this website? Or perhaps you have a “wish list” of some topics that you want to go up on this site?

If so, post a comment on this page! I’m interested to read what people have to say about “The Medicine Box”.

Best regards,
Michael Tam
(“The Medicine Box” Administrator)

Saturday 29 April, 2006

Its alive!

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Welcome all to The Medicine Box!

This website is dedicated to junior doctors and will be a collection of tips, hints, tricks and cheats – things that they don’t teach you in medical school and things that they shouldn’t teach you but seem to work in any case.

Medicine is part science, part art, and part mystical voodoo and this site will try to document them all for posterity!