Thursday 26 April, 2007

Summary of treatment of asthma in adults

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Asthma Management Handbook 2006 (National Asthma Council Australia) [1.1 Mb]

The management of asthma is clearly and in excruciating detail described by the National Asthma Council of Australia. Last year, the NAC published the 2006 update to the Asthma Management Handbook (1) which for all intents and purposes, should be considered the “gospel” of asthma management. Nevertheless, I have a number of criticisms against the publication. According to its own introduction, it is designed as an evidence-based guideline of asthma management aimed at general practitioners. However, I question whether more than a handful of GPs would actually read the entire 157 pages of the handbook! The lack of summary pages on management is unhelpful.

This article was written to address some of the deficiencies by distilling the management of asthma in adults into digestible chunks.

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