Tuesday 6 February, 2007

Free medical textbooks

Posted in Good Websites, Michael Tam, Resources at 21:00 by Michael Tam

Original article by: Michael Tam

I recently came across a blog by a Victorian anaesthetic registrar “gasboy07” about his exploits. I noticed on his blogroll a number of links to “free medical textbooks” and was amazed by what I found.

Chances are that these resources are somewhat illicit. Nevertheless, the convenience of being able to search through your favourite textbooks (rather than the tedium of looking through the page of contents and index) is extraordinary. In fact, it completely changes the act of studying!

Get them while they’re still available!

List of resources


  1. Gasboy07 said,

    Thanks for posting a link to my blog! Hopefully I’ll benefit my fellow doctors…

    I’d like to think that for our Victorian colleagues that our hard earned $1000 medical education reimbursement doesn’t just disappear into the coffers of some medical book shop because we “had” to spend it otherwise we lost it.

    I’ll add a link to your blog (which provides an entertaining read!) when I’m next procrastinating…

  2. Paul Alonzo said,

    thanks dude

  3. Dan said,

    This post is now irrelevant, the blog has been removed by blogger. See http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2007/10/medical-blogger-is-sued.html for more info

  4. dr misbahullah said,

    its good site

  5. Max said,

    The basic concept is this. I recently started up a website to help out medical students and medical professionals.

    The website is this: freemedicaltextbook.com

    On this site, you’ll find links to anything + everything you could ever need to help you succeed in medical school and as a professional M.D.

    There is review on almost every topic and crucial links to help you. Please take a look. The website is financed by advertisements, so if you see something you like, do take a look and click it. But that’s not why the website is here. This is a website made solely as a gesture to help individuals, M.D.’s, who will be saving lives.

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