Tuesday 26 December, 2006

Rant: parents of chronically ill children

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Warning: the following is a rant of my personal opinions on the issue.

This article for inspired by a comment received by a family member of a chronically ill child. The comment is representative of many “difficult parents”. In this article, I will dissect it and give you an alternative way of thinking.

I’m not a doctor but a grandmother of a baby that was born with Christmas Tree Anomaly. As a result she has short gut syndrome. She was admitted to hospital for dehydration after a gastro virus made her vomit. They were hydrating her very well but as always before they seem to overdo it and now she is in ICU because her sodium and potassium levels shot up. So when your calculating the IVs, please consider that this is a person’s life you are messing with. This is a 15 month old beautiful baby girl that is spending her 2nd Christmas in the hospital all because her levels were not being watched properly and they did not account for what was already in her body when they smacked another IV drip up there. Doctors, listen to your patients and their parents. They may know more than you think they do and maybe more than you do. After all, this baby is the little girl that will be sneaking up on Christmas morning to peek at presents that someone loves so dearly. And one day it may be your loved one.

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Sunday 3 December, 2006

Opioid analgesic dose conversions

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Opioid analgesics are the cornerstone to treatment and control of severe pain. Equivalence of dose potency is not absolute and care must be taken in changing analgesics. In general, it is safer to use a lower regular dose with breakthrough analgesia rather than to convert immediately to the “equivalent” dose.

It is important nevertheless to know the approximately dosage conversions.

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