Tuesday 26 September, 2006

How to manage difficult patients

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There are many reasons why patient interactions can be frustrating or difficult. Most commonly these can be traced to factors relating to the patient, the physician, or the health care system (1).

The management of a “difficult” patient requires time, good communication and firm limit setting.

“Difficult patients” are common and unavoidable. That being the case, “avoidance” should never be the goal of management. More often than not, these patients have real physical and/or psychological health needs. Try to restrain yourself from the all too easy temptation of categorising “difficult” with “undeserving” or tossing them into the “too hard basket”.

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Thursday 21 September, 2006

Doctors’ Health Advisory Service

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Doctors’ Health Advisory Service

24 hour helpline:

(02) 9437 6552



The Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (DHAS) operates independently and confidentially, and aims to ensure that no doctor or medical student in NSW lacks access to health care.

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Sunday 17 September, 2006

Stress as a junior medical officer

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Being a junior medical officer is a stressful affair. The workload is heavy, your efforts are often devalued, and at times you have the thrill (or the terror) of having the responsibility of someone’s life proverbially in your hands.

Psychological distress is very common in junior doctors, sometimes with tragic results. Be mindful of your own and your colleagues’ mental well-being.

Doctors are not very good at looking after their own health or psychological needs and unfortunately, neither is the system. Your employers (i.e., hospital administration) only care when it is much too late, e.g., the recent “vow of action” by the Victorian State Government after the tragic suicides of two registrars in Melbourne hospitals (1).

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Wednesday 13 September, 2006

Menopause – a summary of management

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Menopause treatment algorithm

The Jean Hales Foundation for women’s heath. Menopause, a treatment algorithm. (Australian Family Physician 2006, adapted from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) [102 Kb]

Menopause usually occurs in women aged between the ages of 45-55 years. In general women in their peri-menopausal years are more likely to seek medical advice than the post-menopausal woman.

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Tuesday 12 September, 2006

The sacred and the profane of medicine

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Warning: pseudo-intellectual mumbo-jumbo ahead!

sacred profane titian

Titian: Sacred and Profane Love (1514)

The term “the sacred and the profane” is more commonly used in a discussion on the nature of religion. The “profane” is the “realm of routine experience”; “the sphere of adaptive behaviour and is essentially utilitarian”. The “sacred” is the realm of human experience that “evokes an attitude of awe and reverence”, is “non-utilitarian”, “non-empirical” and “impinges on human consciousness with moral obligation and an ethical imperative” (1).

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