Sunday 14 May, 2006

GP Psych Support

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GP Psych Support

As a general practice registrar, I have always found mental health interesting, though challenging. Perhaps more so than other specialities, one can often be stumped on exactly how to proceed with management. Add into the mix that community mental health services are relatively thin on the ground, it can be one big headache trying to give the best possible care (or even, adequate level of care).

There is, however, a fantastic service available for General Practitioners – the GP Psych Support.

It offers:

  • Specialist advise from psychiatrist to GPs on patient management (though not intended for emergency care);
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week;
  • Contact via phone, fax or through the internet with a reply within 24 hours
  • Also offering child and adolescent psychiatry advise and drug and alcohol psychiatry advice (though advice may be returned in more than 24 hours)
GP Psych SupportWebsite:

You will have to register on the site (registration is free). This will allow you to send patient details and management questions online through the website. This is particularly useful if you want to ask a detailed question and it also allows tracking of patient progress.


Fax number: (02) 9425 3879

Download the faxback form here (in PDF format). Print out the form, complete it and fax it to the above number. A psychiatrist will fax or phone you back a response.


Phone number: 1800 200 588

You will be asked some brief questions concerning your enquiry and provided with a time when a psychiatrist will phone you back.


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