Sunday 14 May, 2006

Antidepressants available in Australia

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Original article by: Michael Tam

This is absolutely fantastic single page summary of the antidepressants available in Australia. It has been “liberated” from the GP Psych Support website.

It is basically a chart that compares efficacy, side-effects, advantages, disadvantages, drug interactions of the various antidepressants. Click here to download (in PDF format).

Small sample of the chart



  1. J. Commins said,

    Is Minacipran antidepressant (produced by Pierre Fabre in France) available in Australia?

    Please let me know. Thanking you in anticipation,
    kind regards

  2. Michael Tam said,

    Milnacipran is not available in Australia.

  3. rocky said,

    Correct and unfortunately it (milnacipran) will probably continue to be unavailable

    One can legally import it (3 months supply) using online companies like aurapharm. However unless you have a current script for milnacipran (script given within 12 months) from an Australian doctor you run the risk of having it confisticated by the TGA officers that open about one parcel in 4 I am told.

    My girlfriend from France has been importing it for several years now but I keep reminding her to get a script, to ring the french embassy and find a doctor here experienced in European pharma. She has not had any of her parcels confisticated so far which I think is pure luck. but if she does it will be costly and very incovenient

    Her local Australian doctor says just use cymbalta or effexor or combine an available SSRI with reboxetine or endronax but she has tried all this and says none of it matches the effectiveness of milnaipran.

    I wonder how long her luck on post getting through will last??

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