Sunday 30 April, 2006

Get to know your team

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Go team!

Team work can achieve great things…

Generally, most new and junior doctors get along just fine with their team. However, you should make a concerted effort to actually get to know your resident / registrar / fellow / consultant just that little bit better. Though medicine is “just a job”, you will be investing a significant proportion of your life into it. It is much easier to be on friendly terms with the more senior clinicians if you meet them in a social setting as well. Being on friendly terms with your team improves the team dynamics, enhances teamwork and makes the workplace more pleasant.

Have you noticed how it’s much easier for senior residents and registrars to get consults? It’s not just because they have better clinical skills. It is also because they have pre-existing relationships with the staff.

Thus, you should encourage the team to have coffee breaks and lunch together and perhaps meet for dinner once in a while.

If your are working for a busy team and a number of junior staff are under your supervision, remember what it as like when you did the job. Giving them a page to go to a tea break under the pretence of an “urgent clinical meeting” is well appreciated.


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