Saturday 29 April, 2006

Ask for help

Posted in Advice, Michael Tam, Wards at 23:45 by Michael Tam

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Help is only a phone
call away

Most serious mistakes that junior doctors make will not have happened if they asked for help. Yes, you may feel inadequate or embarrassed or frankly frightened to call that nasty surgical registrar yet again, but if you feel that you need help, you must ask for it.

Remember that the medical members of your team and the other hospital registrars are there to work as well. If you need their expertise it is your duty to contact them and it is their duty to come help you.

Simply, I would be relieved if someone asked me to help with a “sick” or “pre-arrest” patient and it turned out that the patient was actually stable. What no one wants is for a junior doctor to be struggling alone with a critically unwell patient which is only revealed when a medical arrest is called.


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